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Limited Edition Jewellery 
Inspired by textures and patterns found in nature
Hand crafted in recycled eco-silver
Using traditional tools and methods



Pebble Beach
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Hi, I'm Laura.
Welcome to Tortoise and Hare.Design!

I was taught to make precious metal jewellery using traditional methods and tools at Kent Institute of Art and Design, and after graduating, worked as a manufacturing jeweller for a few years before trying other routes of employment and creative paths. I came back to designing and making jewellery some 20 years later, feeling a little like the tortoise who eventually wins the race and
Tortoise and Hare.Design was born.

Each item is individually crafted in recycled eco silver using skills and techniques that have been passed down through generations. From piercing out and soldering the silver, filing, polishing and texturing surfaces, each stage is undertaken by hand adding, subtle variations and making each finished piece unique.
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